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A Brief History of the Peninsula Hotel.

The humid subtropical climate, high mountains, exotic vegetation, endless beaches, national parks, historic architecture, exciting attraction sites, art festivals and lively multicultural environment make the Peninsula a prominent resort destination.

Peninsula has a lot to offer for anyone who loves nature, sports, history, sunny beach leisure and active adventures. There is too much to do and too many things to see in Hotel Peninsula so you will never be bored.

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The vision for the Peninsula Hotel was very clear from the beginning. We wanted to create a dynamic travel community and offer spacious and luxurious accommodations for an affordable price. We married all of our passions to create this jungle paradise.

Our love and respect for nature was always one of the major factors in our architectural design. We worked closely with our architects to incorporate the lush jungle vegetation around us. Every possible piece of green was spared during our construction.

We have a passion for art and design! All of our rooms have been thoughtfully appointed with unique touches. We commissioned local artists and artisans to craft the furniture and d├ęcor to keep the vibe true and authentic.

Buzios is one of the most magical places on earth. We host one of the best beaches in the world but there is also so much more to explore! We are here to guide you and make sure your trip to Buzios is one you will never forget.